If you are planning to buy or you have some electronic parts, there are several services available that makes them more functional. The services provided are also geared towards evaluation to ensure that the parts are in the right conditions and are not obsolete. Most of the providers of these parts usually offer these services, so if you need such services, you can seek help from them. Here are some of the types of electronic parts services.


This is one of the most common electronic parts services. It is usually done to check if the parts have any abnormalities or defects. The inspection is usually carried out using a microscope that helps detect even the smallest defects. Before you buy new parts, it is advisable to ensure that they are inspected to make sure they are in the right condition.


Just like in any other business, there are unscrupulous dealers who offer low standard or counterfeit electronic parts. The testing services are done to check if a certain part is original or it is fake. Some of the techniques used in testing include x-ray, solderability and de-lidding tests.


This is a service that is done according to the specifications given by the owner. It is usually done so that the electronics part can meet the specific needs of the owner. Programming is usually a high tech and a computerized service.

Taping and reeling

If you buy the electronic parts in bulk, the provider usually offer taping and reeling. This is a service that is usually done in order to accommodate your products requirements.

Baking and dry pack

This is a service that is provided in order to promote the quality of the electronic parts and ensure that they last for many years.

Bottom line

When you are looking for these services, make sure you hire an expert in order to get the best results.