When you are buying electronic parts, you have to be attentive to ensure that you do not buy the obsolete ones. These are parts that are outdated and might not be of any value to you. You need to have knowledge that will help you be able to identify them as you do your shopping. Here are some of the tips that will help you know the obsolete electronic parts.

Check manufacture date

This is one of the indicators that can help you determine if a certain electronic part is obsolete or not. If you find electronic parts that were manufactured very many years ago, chances are high that they have become outdated. This is more especially in the modern times when there are a lot of innovations and new electronic parts are entering the market fast.

Do Google search

In the modern times, internet is the most dependable source of information. You can search online to find out if a certain electronic part is obsolete or not. The good thing is that there are websites that are dedicated to providing information regarding different electronic parts. Look for the most reputable sites that you can depend on the information provided.

Ask for professional advice

You should not fear to ask for professional help if you want to determine if certain electronic parts are obsolete or not. Professionals who have been in this field have the knowledge on all the parts that have become outdated and those that are not.


The price the parts are sold can also help you determine if they are obsolete or not. If you find a certain part being sold at a very low price, chances are high it is out of date. In addition, you might also find some stores offering some electronic parts for free to their customers. Pay due diligence because they might be obsolete.