Electronic Components

Did you know that there is two classification of electronic components?

This is the Active Electronic Components and the Passive Electronic Components.

Active electronic components can control the flow of electricity. It has the gain and directionality. An example of this are transistors, vacuum tubes, and silicon-controlled rectifiers.

Passive electronic components do not have the ability to control the current by means of another electrical signal. It does not have the gain or directionality. An example of this are capacitors, resistors, inductors, and transformers.

Here are the electronic components and their function:

Terminals and Connectors— makes the electrical connection.

Resistors— used to resist the current.

Switches— used to conduct or deduct.

Capacitors— stores electrical charge in an electrical field.

Magnetic or inductive components— uses magnetism.

Network components— uses more than one type of passive component.

Piezoelectric devices, crystals, resonators— a passive component; uses piezoelectric effect.

Semiconductors— electronic control components that do not have moving parts.

Diodes— conducts electricity in only one direction.

Transistors— semiconductor device that is capable of amplification.

Integrated circuits—micro electric computer electronic circuit incorporated into a chip or semiconductor.

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