Electrical versus Electronic

Most of us think that electrical and electronics are the same. However, do not get confused, these two terms are technically different. Their devices behave differently, how it manipulates the electricity to the specified task.

By definition, electrical is anything related to or has the concern with electricity. It relates to the charges being produced by the magnetic fields to act on another charge. The electrical devices change the current into another form of energy, like heat or light. Electrical devices were first invented than the electronic devices. It uses alternate current, and high voltage.

Meanwhile, electronics is the science and technology that is concerned with the development and application of electronic devices and circuits. It understands the behavior of components and the ability of the device to control the flow of electrons. Electronics also transform the current into another form of energy, however, it manipulates the current to make the device perform a specified task. It uses direct current, and low voltage.

Although the distinction between electric and electronic devices is a bit hazy, there are instances that an electrical device comprises some electronic components.

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