Consumer Electronics

Technology is being bought by people no matter how expensive it is to make life easier. Most of the electronics today are portable, wearable, and even connected to the social world.

The electronic industry has employed a large number of engineers, designers, marketers, salespeople, customer service representatives, and finance experts to continuously improve the products of consumer electronics.

Consumer electronics or home electronics are electronic devices solely made for everyday use and in private houses. It includes equipment that is used for entertainment, communication, and home-office activities.

Miniaturization has made consumer electronics smaller and lighter. Consumer electronics has become a worldwide phenomenon, it has effectively influenced the economic status of an individual and small businesses.

Early in the 20th century, the first major consumer product was introduced, the broadcast receiver. In 2010, most of the consumer electronics have become linked to digital technologies, and have largely merged with the computer industry. It has now been called as the consumerization of information technology. The first set of consumer electronic products are radio receivers, television sets, MP3 players, video recorders, DVD players, digital cameras, camera recorders, personal computers, video game consoles, telephones and mobile phones.

While the consumer electronics has paved its way to the trend of merging on other products. A major characteristic of a consumer electronic product is the trend of increasing prices, which is driven by the efficiency and automation of the manufacturer, the low labor costs, and the improvements of the semiconductor designs. Nowadays, most of the electronic devices have internet connectivity.

As each year passes, and each new generation of products introduced in the marketplace, it has become difficult to categorize the electronic products into the traditional categories, such as telecommunications, computer hardware, and consumer electronics.

Most of the electronic consumers are built in China, due to the maintenance cost, availability of materials, quality, and speed. An embedded software is being utilized in some of the electronic devices. Electronics retailing monitors the sales of the consumer electronics, some of the consumer electronics retailer offer an extended warranty on some of the electronic products.

It is not a worry when consumer electronics have malfunctioned, it can be repaired through the electronic service maintenance of the product.

Consumer electronics has a great impact on our daily lives, however, it has also an impact on our environment and health. Energy consumption has increased from the production process of the devices to the household consumption. Even when the electronic device is turned off, standby power is still consumed, however, this can be reduced by unplugging the device or using power strips with switches.

Little did we also know that it has affected our health, some of the electronic devices produce major physical health concerns. With this, neck and back pains have increased which are commonly referred as repetitive strain injuries. Electronics have affected the lifestyle of people, obesity and diabetes are commonly evident to those who tend to use electronics the most.

Thus, use electronic devices moderately and efficiently.

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