5 Safety Measures to follow while assembling electronic parts

Are you trying to assemble electronic parts? Are you connecting different electronic circuits? If yes, before you chalk up the blueprint to connect the parts or solder the PCB, you have to know about the safety measures which you need to follow while assembling electronic parts. While working on the electronic parts, creating a safe working environment is necessary. You have to be extremely cautious while working with the electronic components and parts.

If you’re not sure of the guidelines which you have to follow, we would today help you out by sharing with you five different safety measures which you have to undertake while assembling electronic parts.

1. Disconnecting the electrical circuits: While this is the most obvious step and some of you might take it lightly but you would be surprised to know how many people forget to switch off the electronic parts or frayed electrical circuits before beginning the work on them. You run the risk of getting electrocuted if you forget about this simple safety measure.

2. Keep the metallic objects at bay: Most of the people often use pens or pencils in order to indicate certain connections while assembling the electronic parts. You need to understand that pencils, as well as a pen, can be good conductors of electricity. That is why you have to use pliers or tester in order to trace or indicate the path of current or the connections which you are making. The pliers and tester are well insulated which ensures that you do not run the risk of coming in contact with the current.

3. Using protective equipment while soldering: While assembling the electronic parts or soldering them to the PCB, the soldering iron is often heated to a very high temperature. That is why while using the soldering iron you have to wear proper insulating gloves. Also, whenever you are working with electronic components, it is always a good idea to wear rubber gloves in order to provide yourself with some insulation from the electric current. In addition to that, you have to strictly turn off the soldering iron after the soldering work is done. This would ensure that no one accidentally comes in contact with the hot soldering iron. . While the soldering iron is hot, you have to use a proper soldering iron holding stand in order to hold it in its place which would prevent any accidental contact. In order to store the soldering iron, you have to always use a proper casing rather than leaving it on the table.

4. Assembling the electronic parts in the proper environment: Electronic parts should be assembled in rooms having moderate temperatures. If the temperature is pretty cold or if there is any possibility of condensation, you should avoid assembling the electronic parts in those rooms. The reason for this is that when condensation occurs, water deposition would take place on the electronic parts. This can cause a short circuit which would not only damage that particular component but can damage the entire circuit as well. This can prove to be pretty costly.

5. Draining the Capacitors before starting the work: Capacitors can hold a charge for a pretty long period of time. Before beginning your work, you have to drain them off by shorting both the connections of the capacitor. While working, you have to continue with this precaution in order to prevent any kind of electric shock. In addition to these 5 safety measures as well, there are the few other safety measures which you should additionally look into depending on the type of electronic parts with which you are working on. These include:

  • You shouldn’t ground the defective circuit in order to drain the current and thereafter work on it. You have to find a permanent solution to the defective circuit instead of just grounding it.
  • You should never try to manually remove water or any chemical which has fallen on the electrical circuit. You have to do so with the help of proper tools. So, when you’re working on any electronic circuits, you have to follow these safety measures when assembling electronic parts. Proper adherence to these safety measures would always help you stay out of trouble and complete the assembling work in a safe manner.

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